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North Dakota is now asking Congress to repay the state for their actions against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). North Dakota paid over $22 million defending big oil and SISTERS ONLINE doesn't want them to be repaid for their actions.

People were held in kennels, strip searched, sprayed with tear gas, shot with rubber bullets, bitten by attack dogs, and sprayed with water hoses in sub-zero temps. Sacred Sioux lands were destroyed. Why should North Dakota be repaid for these actions? And why should tax payers be charged for these inhumane actions?

Please get involved, contact your elected officials, and demand that they refuse to pay North Dakota back for police activity at Standing Rock.

Thanks for getting involved in this issue.


You may have received e-mails about abolishing the Electoral College now that Donald Trump is the president-elect. If you believe it should be abolished, and you haven't taken action yet, is asking us to sign a petition. Some organizations are saying that we don't need to amend the Constitution to get this action done; others say we do. MoveOn is saying we do need to amend the Constitution so be aware of this if you choose to act with MoveOn.

If we abolish the Electoral College, we would elect by popular vote. Voters living in a RED or BLUE state, but voting unlike the majority in that state, are disenfranchised, because their vote doesn't count. Abolishing the Electoral College will mean that "swing" states will no longer receive all the attention and the campaign stops and the empty campaign promises.

Also, the electors are selected by the two main political parties, disenfranchising all other voters, including independents, Libertarians, and Green Party members. This would be fixed if we do away with the Electoral College.

It is believed we can get this done by the 2020 election.

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