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June 25-27 have been quite the dates for our Supreme Court:

On June 27--The Supreme Court invoked the First Amendment to undermine workers' rights to join together in unions.

June 26--It set aside the First Amendment values that it claimed to valorize when legitimizing Trump's anti-Islamic Muslim travel ban.

June 25--It shrugged off Equal Protection concerns while giving the go ahead to racial gerrymandering.

What's at stake here is the very character of America. We must stop President Trump's efforts to appoint the next Supreme Court justice.

Please contact your two Senators and tell them not to listen to the President's bigotry and corruption by approving another Trump nominee. We simply can't let that happen.

President Trump can also create a court that may have to answer key questions arising from the Mueller investigation, including whether an in-office president can be subpoenaed or indicted and whether he can pardon himself. How the Supreme Court rules could make Trump immune to consequences for colluding with Russia. That's something else we can't afford to let happen.

Please contact your two Senators and stronly urge them to turn down any nominee that President Trump brings before them.

Thanks for your actions.


Please contact your Senators in Washington and tell them to expand access to health care and pass the CHOOSE MEDICARE ACT bill.

Recently, legislation has been introduced in the Senate by Jeff Merkley and Chris Murphy that helps move the U.S. to a national single-payer health care system. The CHOOSE MEDICARE ACT would let working-age individuals and employers purchase a Medicare insurance option through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) health exchanges. This would give people the option to enroll in the country's most successful health care program--Medicare. We need the entire Congress--both Democrats and Republicans-- to support this bill.

This bill would improve the current Medicare program and build on ACA's reforms. We know what the Republicans think of the ACA, but this is something that we hope ALL Senators can back. It will help low- and middle-income Americans to purchase health insurance, which is a natural right.

We need to put people first in our nation and fight for progressive health care reforms. Please contact your Senators.

Thank you!



We all have heard about the real possibility that there were ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. Was there collusion?

Now we have Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation, and there is talk that Donald Trump will fire him. We at SISTERS ONLINE believe that Mueller's investigation needs to continue at all costs to find out what did, and did not, happen. We also need the House of Representatives to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 campaign and election.

With Republicans in control of both houses of Congress, we might never find out what really happened. That's why it is important for us to connect with our Representative and Senators to tell them that we want the investigation to continue and Robert Mueller to stay in the position he now is in. We can't let people undermind confidence in Mueller's work . . . especially since he has now subpoenaed Trump Organization financial records for the first time. Mueller needs to be able to see his investigation through.

The more people contacting their Representative and Senators, the harder it is for President Trump to fire Mueller. Please get involved by contacting your elected officials in Washington and telling them to continue the Russian investigation in the 2016 election.

Thanks for getting involved!



SISTERS ONLINE loves prayers. We have no doubt about that. Prayers, however, are not enough to fix the problem of guns in America. We must act and we must act now!

Our leadership MUST take action to achieve solutions about gun control in our country. We must stand up to the NRA and take AR-15 assault rifles off our streets.

"Thoughts and prayers" have become an ineffectural response after each mass shooting, of which there have been so many. Please take action.

Contact your elected leaders in Congress, Democrat or Republican, and tell them you will no longer stand for their inaction. Your vote in 2018 depends on actions taken NOW.

Also, please contact President Trump and Mitch McConnell. Here is contact information for them:

President Donald J. Trump
202-456-1111 (comments)
202-456-1414 (White House switchboard)

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Senator Mitch McConnell