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We've probably all heard the news recently about children being torn from their parents at the border and President Trump blaming the Democrats. That's just another lie, of course!

Immigrant parents seeking protecton are told "You're going to be deported, and your child is being taken away." This went into effect this month, and we at SISTERS ONLINE think it is inhumane. A movement is rising across our country to end this horrific practice and we're asking you, our readers, to get involved.

There are currenly about 550 children being held at U.S. border stations--about 50 of whom are younger than 12. These stations are supposed to be temporary so they often don't even have proprer bedding or rooms for hundreds of children. And last year, the Trump Administration defunded detention centers made specifically for mothers with young children and pregnant women, furthering the decline in proper care for these families.

The United Nations has called out the Trump Administration, saying it "constitutes a child rights violation." Many of the children seeking asylum have already endured violence, illness, and hunger in their country of origin and on the journey to the United States--only to then be ripped from their parents and left in a detention center.

You may have even heard that cildren have been lost in the system.

Please contact your elected officials in Washington and tell them to speak out immediately against this practice. If they don't, we will do everything in our power to vote them out in November.

Addresses you may need:

President Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

202-456-1111 (White House comments)

202-456-1414 (White House switchboard)

202-456-2461 (White House FAX)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

202-353-1555 (comment line)

Comment for Attorney General Jeff Sessions: "I want the immigration agencies--ICE, Border Patrol, the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of Refugee Resettlement--to stop the implementation of any policy that separates children and youth from their families. I urge the Administration to enlist qualified non-profit social service agencies to ensure the well-being of all children who are in their custody. Additionally, I disagree with your decision that domestic violence and gang violence are no longer grounds for asylum."

Thanks for getting involved.


(request from Ana Maria Vasquez at the border in Arizona)

Just wanted to keep you abreast of ongoing activities related to the retrial of Lonnie Swartz, the border patrol agent who shot 16 year old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez across the border into Noglaes, Mexico. He shot him 16 times and hit him 10 times in the back. The trial last week did not find him guilty even though the evidence was overwhelming. His is not an isolated case. This needs to stop . . . too many dead . . . too many broken families.

Please e-mail the three who will make the decision to move forward with the retrial of Lonnie Swartz. You can also forward your e-mails to me at so I can print and present them to border patrol victims families. The families are grateful for prayers and letters as they are very religious and their strength has made it possible for this case to go forward.

Wallace Kleindienst--Assistant U.S. Attorney, lead prosecutor of the

Sarah Arrasmith--Senior Special Agent with DHS, Office of Inspector General--lead investigator of the

Mary Sue Feldmeier--Assistant U.S.

Please demand a retrial of Lonnie Swartz for the murder of 16 year old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez.

Thank you for your action.



Sometime ago, SISTERS ONLINE wrote about excessive phone charges for people in prison. At the time, we asked our readers to contact their elected officials in Washington to tell them to act on prisoners behalf asking for lower charges. Well, very little if any changes have been made, so we are once again asking our readers to take action.

Phone companies are charging incarcerated people and their families predatory rates for phone calls on approved phones. Families of prisoners can pay up to $17 for a 15 minute call to a parent or child in prison. Many prisons get a kickback from these exploitive rates. If individual states won't step in to help, than Congress must do so. That's where you come in!

Please contact your officials in Washington and tell them to take action. Right now Senators Duckworth, Booker, Schatz and Portman, haved introduced legislation that would limit sky-high rates that phone companies can charge for prison phone calls. The bill that has been introduced would apply to all inmate communications regardless of technology, so video visitation services and other means of communication services will be covered as well. Please tell your Senators to co-sponsor this bill (the Inmate Calling Technical Corrections Act). At this time, Trump's FCC refuses to defend the rule from a legal challenge.

If you have ever had a loved one in prison, you know how important it is to be able to reach them by phone, hear their voices, find out how they are doing, etc. Please act by contacting your elected officials in Washington and telling them to co-sponsor The Inmate Calling Technical Corrections Act sponsored by Sen. Tammy Duckworth.

Thank you!