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They said it wasn't likely to happen, but it has! The TransCanada Keystone 1 pipeline leaked 210,000 gallons of oil onto the grassy plains of South Dakota. This occurred just miles from the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate reservation.

This spill comes just days before the Nebraska Public Service Commission will decide the fate of this Keystone project.

If Keystone can leak, so can other pipelines in place now or in the works for the future. All pipelines are fundamentally dangerous. They poison the climate, pollute our water, and threaten land. Tar sands oil must stay in the ground where it belongs and we must develop new, green sources of energy.

President Trump is an owner of TransCanada. Please contact him and say we won't stop fighting until that pipeline is shut down. We are watching!

Here is President Trump's contact information:

President Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111

White House Switchboard: 202-456-1414

White House FAX: 202-456-2461

Leave a comment for President Trump at:

Thanks for getting involved.



The Trump Administration budget includes opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling. They snuck the oil into the revenue side of the federal budget as a reckless speculative source of money.

Such drilling could decimate the 10,000+ year old Alaska Native Gwich'in civilization's land-based livelihood and spirituality.

Are you willing to sign-on to a letter saying NO to oil drilling in the Arctic Refuge?

The letter is here: It is being managed by the National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE). They do not keep an e-advocacy list and will not hold on to contact information of signers.

Please consider signing the letter. Thank you!



We've all seen it. Multiple hurricanes and wildfires, but no talk about climate change. Is the media being told to stay out of the issue of climate change by deniers? Why isn't climate being mentioned?

These escalating disasters must be a wake up call to all of us, a catalyst to connect the dots between extreme weather events, climate change, and the cause--the fossil fuel industry. Why can't we have a discussion about what is behind these storms? An honest discussion!

If you tweet (#ClimateSilence), use Facebook, or can contact your elected officials, now is the time to get involved. Demand that the media ends the deafening climate silence by asking the questions that need to be asked and telling the stories that need to be told.

We know that climate is impacting extreme weather. Science has said that for years. We don't need to have that discussion again. What we need is a discussion about what we're going to do about it. We need to end public support for fossil fuels and keep them where they belong--in the ground. We need to go renewable--wind, solar. Fossil fuel companies need to get out of politics and financially supporting climate deniers. Our planet needs help. Will you help by posting this on social media and/or contacting your elected officials?