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(The following is from the Catholic Climate Covenant)

We are so pleased to share with you our new, free educational program for parishes, schools, and religious communities to celebrate Earth Day (April 22) and embrace our call as Catholics to care for creation, climate change, and our neighbors.

Focusing on the theme of “Know the Creator Through Creation”, the program helps us see and share God’s love of creation. Opening our spirits to the interconnectedness of the wonders of our world will draw us ever closer to our Creator and inspire us to care ever more deeply for the Earth, our common home.

The Earth Day program is wonderful for inter-generational parish programs, schools, and any group interested in deepening our connection with creation and the gifts which God has given us.

Celebrate Earth Day and increase climate literacy in your parish, school, or religious community! The program includes prayers, scripture readings, a short video, discussion questions, and suggested activities to help the group learn about Catholic Social Teaching as related to climate change and care for our common home.

Three different programs: This year we offer three different age-specific programs:

  1. A one-hour program for adults and high-school students
  2. A 45-minute program for grades one through eight
  3. A 30-minute program for pre-k/kindergarten. 

     We hope this program will:

  •  Guide the group to learn about climate change issues.
  •  Help us understand what is happening to creation because of our actions.
  •  Help us better know the Creator through the splendor of God’s creation.
  •  Help us understand that  in protecting and caring for creation, we proclaim God’s glory.
  • Empower Catholics to care for creation through actions, advocacy and/or establishing a Creation Care Team.

We hope you take a look at the Earth Day program and help lead your community in a celebration on April 22, or on any other convenient day.

Have questions? We are here to answer them and help you with your Earth Day celebration!


You may have seen it on the national news. President Trump and the Republicans are trying to get rid of the EPA. During the Obama years, the EPA was vital for the protection of the planet. At that time, it was led by Gina McCarthy, who was very much into protecting our planet--clean air, clean water, etc. Now things have changed!

Will you contact your Representative and tell him/her to stop the attacks on the EPA? Republican or Democrat, your Representative needs to be contacted. The current EPA Chair, Scott Pruitt, is doing everything he can to get Representatives to comply with his wishes to damage the EPA so bad it won't be able to recover--no matter who is in the White House. Obviously, President Trump is on Pruitt's side!

Pruitt is a climate denier who feels the EPA is not essential and the money given to it can better be used in other areas, like Big Oil or defense. If Pruitt wins, the Clean Power Plan will be gutted.

Please act now! Contact your Representative and say you are strongly opposed to gutting the EPA for the reasons stated above or add your own personal reasons. The bill number is HR 861 and the title is "To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency." Please site the bill number when you contact your Representative. Tell them to stand up for our environment by opposing this bill.

Thanks for getting involved.


On Saturday, March 25, from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. local time, join millions of people, businesses, cities, and landmarks--including the Empire State Building--who are standing up for strong climate action by turning off their lights. Collective action for the earth plays a very important role in bringing about change in the U.S. When we stand together and take action together, our local, state and federal government listen. They WILL listen to this!

Earth Hour is now in its 11th year. It's an action of solidarity in the fight against climate change. This year, our participation numbers for Earth Hour will stand directly for our commitment to protecting the future of our planet and the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. It's one way we can speak for a healthy planet.

Thanks for taking action, and please spread the word.

Earth Hour is sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)




The Catholic Church brings a distinct perspective to the debate about climate change by lifting up the moral dimensions of this issue and the needs of the most vulnerable among us. The USCCB is focusing on particular parts of the climate change issue. Our efforts promote prudent action to address the growing impact of global climate change and pursue the common good in a very polarized debate. The bishops' primary concern is to place the needs of the poor and vulnerable at the center of climate legislation. Poor people cannot be made to bear an undue burden of the impacts of climate change or the global adjustments needed to address it.

People living in poverty--both at home and abroad--contribute least to climate change but they are likely to suffer its worst consequences with few resources to adapt and respond. The impacts of climate change--including increased temperatures, rising sea levels, and changes in rainfall that contribute to more frequent and severe floods and droughts--are making the lives of the world's poorest even more precarious. Urgent action that both addresses the growing impact of climate change and acts to protect the poor and vulnerable is needed.


--Trees absorb 1/5 of carbon emissions. (The Nature Conservancy)

58.69 degrees F.--The average temperature across the world's land and ocean surfaces in 2016, making it the hottest year on record for the third year in a row, according to NASA and NOAA.

--15 of the 16 hottest years ever recorded have been in the 21st century. (Institute for Policy Studies)

400 p.p.m.--The average concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, a threshold even pessimistic climate-change scientists believed Earth would not reach for decades, according to the World Meteorological Organization.