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The 2020 summer Olympics will be in Tokyo, Japan. The International Olympic Committee has said it will be one of the greenest Olympic games in history, but CREDO Action has learned that the Olympic authorities have recently admitted that they are using rainforest wood in the construction of Olympics venues, EG: the New National Stadium. Eighty-seven percent of the plywood panels used in that stadium will be from the rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia. The International Olympic Committee needs to hear that we don't want them to harm rainforests for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Will you take action?

Contact the International Olympic Committee by signing this petition.

Half of the plywood that Japan imports is from the Malaysian state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo. Sarawak has one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world, and indigenous communities in Sarawak have been fighting logging for years. Let's help them out by signing the petition from CREDO.

Let's let the International Olympic Committee know that the world is watching while the 2020 venues are being built.

Thanks for getting involved. Please tell others about this request and ask them to sign the petition as well.


We have seen President Trump's efforts to block environmental protections. Even in his State of the Union address, we heard about such efforts as well as nothing said about rebuilding America. We should be creating millions of jobs rebuilding roads, bridges, transit systems, parks, and schools. We should definitely be investing in 21st century infrastructure projects such as solar and wind.

Please urge your Representative to sign his/her name to H 63, which calls for these infrastructure improvements.

President Trump is calling Americans to gut environmental protections, to push projects without input from the public, turn public roads into toll roads, fuel dirty energy pipelines, and produce fewer 21st century jobs for renewable energy.

Please make your voice heard. Contact your Representative and make your thoughts known today.



The Ozone Standards Implementation Act (otherwise known as "The Smoggy Skies Act") would reverse years of progress to reduce smog and ozone levels. The Senate number is 263 and we must tell our Senators to reject this bill.

This act would weaken the Clean Air Act and is a massive giveaway to polluters around the country at the expense of our health and the environment. It would also increase the required review period of ozone levels from every five years to ten years. People with asthma, heart disease or respiratory problems are particularly at risk.

As you can imagine, Big Oil companies, the Koch brothers, etc. are fighting this with all out efforts and want the bill passed. We must act to keep this bill (S 263) off the books by contacting our two Senators and speaking against the bill.

Please take action immediately. Thank you.