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Medical Mission Sister Lorraine Ryan received the Golden Rule Award on December 1, 2017, presented by the Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito, Bishop of Palm Beach, Florida.
The award was given to Sister Lorraine in “recognition of her life-long dedication of service to others living in abject poverty in India and the United States.  As founder of the Women’s Circle, her life even today remains an inspiration and a total commitment to living the Golden Rule.”
A Brooklyn native, Sister Lorraine entered Medical Mission Sisters (MMS) at age 19 and later worked for 15 years in India, serving as a nurse, counselor, tutor, diocesan coordinator of health services and Assistant District Superior of MMS. After moving to Boynton Beach, Florida, in 1990 to care for her ailing parents, she couldn’t help noticing all of those around her who were made poor. She quickly got to work knocking on doors, asking a simple question: “what do you need?” Repeatedly, the residents answered that they needed a job.

Partnering with Holy Cross Sister Joan Carusillo, Sister Lorraine responded to the need by putting together a team of women to help find entry-level jobs for the largely Haitian population that made up the city’s central area, referred to by locals as “the heart of Boynton.” Nearly two decades later, Women’s Circle serves almost 300 immigrant women each year, offering classes in English language, literacy, computer training, typing, sewing and knitting. It also provides job development services, including career advice, interview techniques, clothing for interviews and support group activities. All services are offered free of charge.